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Area of Practice

Trademark Services

  • Trademark searches with or without opinion letter.
  • Preparation and filing of Trademark Applications (new or renewal).
  • Responding Acts to the Trademark Directorate office.
  • Filling a request for a recordal of a change of name or address due to an assignment or a change of name of the company.
  • Oppositions against a trademark application filled by another party.
  • Appeals to the Trademark Appeal Commission.
  • Represents in Trademark Infringement Litigation before a commercial court.

Industrial Design Services

  • Preparation and filing of Industrial Design Applications
  • Filling a request for a recordal of an assignment.
  • Responses to Office Actions to the Industrial Design Directorate.

Patent Services

  • Preparation and filing of patent applications (national or PCT).
  • Filling a substantive examination request.
  • Filling an amendment of the patent application.
  • Filling a divisional patent application.
  • Responses to Office Actions issued by the Patent Directorate.

Copyrights Services

  • Filing of copyrights registration.
  • Assigment / transfer.

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