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Patent is an exclusive right granted by the state to an inventor for his/ her invention in technology for a specified period of time to implement the invention or give an approval for other party to implement the invention.

An Invention is an inventor's idea that is described into a specific problem-solving activity in the field of technology, can be a product or process or improvement and development of a product or process.

A patent is divided into 2, Utility Patent with a period of protection of 10 years, Patent with a period of protection of 20 years

Advantages of Patent Registration

After being granted a Patent, the holder of a Patent can:

  1. Use such patent for commercial purposes;
  2. Prevent other party to implement such invention;
  3. Give license to a third party for profit;
  4. Sell the invention which has been registered as a Patent

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Olga K Santoso can assist in the application for registrations of trademarks, industrial designs, patents, copyrights, geographical indications and as she is a licensed advocate, she can also assist in the litigation procedure involving infringements.

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