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Copyright is a creator’s exclusive right which arises automatically based on the declarative principle after a creation is made in a real form without prejudice to the prevailing laws and regulations.

Creation that can be protected:
  1. Books, computer programs, pamphlet, layout of a published literary work, and all other literary works;
  2. Lectures, speech, talk, and other creation of the same kind;
  3. Demonstrative tool made for educational and science purposes;
  4. Songs or music with or without text;
  5. Drama or musical drama, dance, choreographer, puppets, and pantomime;
  6. Artistic works in all forms such as paintings, drawings, carvings, calligraphy, sculpture, statue, collage, and applied arts;
  7. Architecture;
  8. Map;
  9. Batik;
  10. Photography;
  11. Photo;
  12. Cinematography;
  13. Translations, interpretations, adaptation, chrestomathy, database, and other works from a transposition.

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Olga K. Santoso is based in Indonesia but works with clients globally


Olga K Santoso can assist in the application for registrations of trademarks, industrial designs, patents, copyrights, geographical indications and as she is a licensed advocate, she can also assist in the litigation procedure involving infringements.

For more information about fees and other inquiry, please send an e-mail or phone directly.


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